Intermediate Seller
Dealing With Customer Complaints

As a seller, keeping your buyers happy should be your priority. And however you try to avoid facing issues with some of your buyers, there is always going to be the occasional problem. Most customer complaints results from issues surrounding dealing with cost, delayed delivery, or a product that arrives damaged. The way you interact with your customers from the beginning of the sales transaction to the end will show them how much you value their patronage.

We have shared some tips on how to effectively manage your relationship with your buyers:

BE TRANSPARENT -One of the best methods towards preventing lots of complaints from your buyers is to clearly state exactly what you have to offer in clear times. This includes clearly advertising your product by putting up clear images of your products and using accurate descriptions without over exaggerating such products. Also, it is important to communicate your policies, payment and shipping options in clear terms. By explaining all these in advance to your buyers, you protect yourself while also providing a level of trust for your buyers.

BE FRIENDLY- As a store owner, coming across as warm and respectful to your buyers is one of the key secret to recording good sales. You may have an occasional disgruntled customer who may be very vocal about the service they are receiving. When you receive complaints from your buyers, avoid the urge to respond swiftly to defend your product/service, simply be patient. The best way to deal with a difficult customer is to maintain a professional/friendly tone. Be understanding when they ask questions and put yourself in your buyer’s shoes. Should there be need to communicate with your buyer via mail, ensure you personalize your emails a little by ending them with “Yours sincerely” or “Kind regards”. And if they provide feedback regarding your service however unpleasant, thank them first for the candid feedback and how you can improve your service to them. One of the main reasons customers go elsewhere to shop is as a result of receiving rude services. And when a buyer is dissatisfied about a service/product received that they have paid for, they will look elsewhere for their shopping needs and also tell friends and family about their bad experiences. That is why it is crucial to be nice.

BE ENGAGED- When dealing with an unhappy buyer, listen attentively to what they are saying, empathize with your buyer and avoid placing the blame on your supplier, the delivery service or someone else. Simply acknowledge any mistakes that have been made, apologize if necessary and begin working towards a solution. It helps if you write down the details, ask questions and restate what you hear the problem is. When you’re actively listening, it’s easier to identify the heart of the problem with your buyers. Sometimes it’s simply a matter of misunderstanding and by acknowledging your buyers and their complaints, they will likely move away from an emotional state to a more rational one.

BE RESPONSIVE- As an online seller, it is Important you access your mails and Seller HQ messages regularly as you get the most important updates from these sources. When your buyers try to contact you with any concerns or feedback, they will appreciate your a response. And part of being a responsive seller is to offer solutions to a customer’s complaint. Once you have settled the problem and certain you have proffered a solution, ensure you follow up with your buyers on whether they have more questions, feedback or needs. The message this will convey to your buyers is that you card about your product as well as your customers.