Intermediate Seller
How to improve your Store Ratings

Good Seller Ratings are necessary and extremely important for your online store. These ratings help communicate the commitment of a seller to a buyer. Here are some TIPS that can help improve your store ratings:

PRODUCT QUALITY: Before we dive into “what product quality is?” let us understand the definition of quality. “The standard of something as measured against other things of a similar kind; the degree of excellence of something”. Defining the word quality is not so-easy as it is perceived differently by different people.“Product Quality”, a buyer sees an item as high quality if the product fulfil’s his/her needs or expectations. Quality needs to be defined firstly in terms of characteristics, which vary from product to product. Buyers are advised to review or rate the quality of an item after delivery as compared to what appears on the site. Therefore, ensure that the image and description used matches the product a 100% and avoid counterfeit products.

COMMUNICATIONS: Good communication is the best service you can provide or receive. As a seller it is necessary that you communicate properly with your buyers, giving them details about the product they are about to purchase. And maintaining that communication from the point the order is made to the point it has been delivered. The communication rating is rated by buyers based on his/her experience with the seller.

DELIVERY RATE: Buyers look out for sellers who have good delivery ratings, thereby boosting their confidence in the seller. Never accept an order if the product is unavailable. Ensure to pack and ship all orders <48hrs after accepting. Remember to keep customer updated once these steps have been taken and finally ensure you send the correct item to avoid returns. Delivery ratings are calculated internally. It is the Number of delivered orders + attempted deliveries divided by the total number of orders received by a seller.

In summary, Reviews and Ratings are necessary to keep a store growing, you should ensure as a seller to keep your ratings positive. The better your store ratings, the more visibility your store gets which in turn converts into more sales for you.