New Seller
Photography That Sells

Konga Mall is home to thousands of sellers that want to be in the faces of millions of buyers. As a seller it is up to you to make your products attractive, thus prompting your customers to buy. In today’s competitive market, selling products online means that you need more than just a good (fabulous) product, you need clear and detailed photography too. Creating or sourcing beautiful items means that to sell them successfully you need to capture equally beautiful photos that will showcase your unique product online.

Why is a Great Image Worth a Thousand Words? Great images highlight quality & features. There is only so much written information that you can include in your product descriptions about all of the fabulous features of the item for sale, and even when you write clear product descriptions, your customer will still most likely look at the photos first. In most cases it will be the first thing they see and what brings them to your shop. Once you have a customer’s attention, a collection of well-lit beautiful images that clearly show the intricate details of your products will allow your product to shine. It is the photographic evidence of quality that your customer is looking for.

A Good Image Creates a Need Lifestyle images that are rich in atmosphere will elevate your product when your customer is faced with a choice. If you can make your potential customer ‘buy-in’ to the lifestyle that you’re presenting, you will help your product find its way into their shopping basket. Even slight glimpses of a lifestyle can help your customer to imagine owning the product, hopefully encouraging them to purchase something extra on impulse. Avoid over styling your products though, this could put off some potential buyers. For instance, if you sell general home accessories such as a throw pillow, consider placing them against a settee to give a homey and relaxed image.