Intermediate Seller
Attracting Customers to Your Store

In the business of buying and selling you need both your existing and new customers to keep your store running .There are several methods to open up your store to customers. A few of these methods are discussed below.

Search engines have become popular choices in an online store owners. With hundreds or thousands of competitors, how can a store owner get his/her product up front in online search engines? Search engine is where buyers can search for products by entering key words that describe the item they want. Gaining a listing in the first page or two of a search engine’s results is often the best.

So, how do merchants get to the front of search results? The best way to ensure that your products appear high on a page is to make sure the content of your product name and product description includes keywords a consumer might type to search for what you offer.

There are other methods to attracting customers online. You can always turn to social media. Various forms of this are the common Facebook, Twitter, Instagram e.t.c. You should ensure to join a popular blog where you can post regular updates on your store, for examples new arrivals or sales.

Lastly, keep your present customers happy. Bad reviews can destroy your store’s reputation, while good reviews can take your reputation a long way. Remember, a satisfied customer will tell twenty new.

(Culled from eBay Merchant Solutions eCommerce Advice)