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Importance of Proper Packaging

Proper packaging can lead to better customer experience, increase customer retention, generate more sales and ultimately lead to business growth. As soon as an order is received by a buyer, product packaging creates the first impression on buyer’s mind. Bad packaging can at that moment cause customer dissatisfaction.

Good Product Packaging:

  • Higher customer satisfaction
  • Good reviews
  • Customer loyalty
  • Reduced returns

Poor Product Packaging:

  • Lower customer satisfaction
  • Bad reviews
  • No return shoppers
  • Increased returns.

Your products could be handled alongside bulkier packages, it could be exposed to extreme heat, direct sunlight or even rainfall. It could also suffer a rough journey due to bad roads. With good packaging you will prevent your products from being damaged in these situations.

A perfectly packed package delights customers even before it is opened, this could lead to even better customer experience. There is a Lesser chance of tampering and fraud. It will also prevent cases whereby customer finds part or accessory missing.

Finally, avoid using weak or sub-standard packaging material and always ensure you use strong reinforced packaging tapes.