Intermediate Seller
inventory Management

As you grow your business you need to decide on how to also grow your stock. You can choose to either increase the number of items in each order from your supplier, or you can choose to order the same number of items but place orders more often. The first option is generally cheaper, but you need to have enough space to store the items you sell and it ties up and requires more cash to grow your business than the second option. Be in control of your products. When was the last time you reviewed your offers? Regular checks to keep your inventory levels fresh and up to date are essential to drive the best sales opportunity.

Do you also have a product that sells well, a proof of concept; a product that people want to buy at a price you are willing to sell for, and a supplier that is reliable? Maybe there is a market for expanding your product range? For example, if you are selling Nigeria jerseys it may be worth considering selling jerseys of other nationalities as well.