New Seller
Steps to Shipping Success

Shipping is an integral part of selling online— it’s tough to sell if you can’t ship. There’s a lot to consider, and we know it’s not always easy, but it can be easier (and maybe even fun!). If you lay solid groundwork for shipping practices, you can mail packages with confidence, providing both you and your buyers the peace of mind you deserve. Here’s how:

Research packaging options- Some carriers provide a range of shipping methods and in some situations even package types, start by surveying the best options for your items. It is good to know what the most affordable methods are, but if buyers ask for shipping upgrades, it’s useful to know ahead of time what-else you can offer. Shipping methods are not just about pricing always. You should research the other offerings that may be included in your choices, like tracking, signature confirmation, and insurance. All this information should be available on your choice carrier’s website or you could get this information from their offices.

Communicate as Much as Possible With Your Buyers- It’s one thing to gather important information about your choice carriers and their services and then pick the most appropriate for your store. However, you won’t experience the full benefits of your plan if you fail to communicate with customers. Good communication shows your buyers that you’re moving forward with their orders and answers common questions. There are two kinds of communication you should use — forward-facing information that anyone can see from your policies and listing pages, and follow-up communication that takes place throughout the process of fulfilling an order. Take advantage of these ways to keep your buyers informed.