Experienced Seller
Ways to Get Great Reviews

Positive customer reviews are key to building a successful Konga shop. All your actions before, during and after a sale should work towards laying the groundwork for positive reviews and potential referrals from your customers. A good seller will always ensure all their buyers are always satisfied, regardless of the scale of their purchase. Here are a few steps to getting great reviews:

Treat Every Buyer Like they’re your First – The success of your store is dependent on the people who purchase from it. You should try to reach out to all your customers personally after an order has been executed. This means going beyond the automated message sent out when an order is placed. Not only is a timely thank-you note a great way to convey how much you appreciate their support, but customers will often take the direct contact as an opportunity to ask last minute questions that might be important before you ship the order. This goes a long way to avoid returns.

Keep Your Store Honest- Your Images and item descriptions should set clear expectations for buyers. It is your duty as a seller to ensure your buyers actually know what they will receive after looking at your listing. Your images should showcase the item from different angles and you should always let your buyers know the size and weight of an item,just to cover your bases. When you are focused on capturing beautiful images and writing the best item description for your product, it is easy to overlook the important questions.

Deal With Mistakes- Mistakes are bound to happen, regardless of how we try to prevent them. Some buyers can be extremely difficult, often making sales a nightmare. The best step to take in this situations is no matter who is right, ask yourself, is it worth arguing with a customer? What solution would you want if you were in the buyer’s shoes?

Always follow up- Strategically following up with buyers after an order is processed is great for a number of reasons. First, you enable your buyer to alert you if they had any issues with their order so you can resolve the problem before they leave a negative review. You can also inquire about ways to improve, and proactively make changes on packaging items, shipping etc to prevent similar issues from happening again. Getting in touch with your buyer after a sale is also a great opportunity to encourage buyers to leave feedback for your store.