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How to Find Your Target Market

To ensure the success of your business, you need to learn about online marketing. Finding your target market, defining your niche market, and understanding your ideal customers.

The Difference Between Target and Niche Markets

  • Target market is a group of potential customers who share characteristics related to your product. For instance, “higher institution students” could be my target market.
  • Niche market further defines a target market. For instance, “higher institution students who love Fashion, ages 20 to 30, living in Nigeria” is more defined. When you define and understand your niche market, you can target your marketing efforts to that group of people.

Narrowing Your Niche Market Further defining your niche market is crucial to finding your actual ideal customers — those who will become true fans for your business and products. A true fan wants to hear everything about your business, including sales, tutorials, and new product launches. Posting product links 24/7 to thousands of non-targeted social media followers is unfocused and not likely to attract very many buyers. However, targeting your ideal customers is very likely to result in many sales. When you know who your customers are, you know or can more accurately guess their needs.

Engage Your Ideal Customers Write everything specifically to your ideal customer, from product descriptions to blog posts to emails. Use your customer’s perspective and address his/her needs and problems.

How do you achieve this?

  • First, make sure your photos are truly stunning, and that your text and keywords are specifically written to your customer from his/her perspective.
  • How do your policies measure up? Make sure it is tailored to suit your ideal customer.
  • Write blog or other social media posts that engage (about how you problem-solve, behind-the-scenes glimpses, etc.), with keywords specific to your customer and links to your products.

When your potential customer turns into a real customer, start building actual relationships. Learn about their interests and needs by talking with them via your Facebook business page or at craft shows. You’ll be able to further refine your niche market while turning one-off customers into repeat buyers.