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Good shipping practices are very essential to the online business. In other words, it plays a big part in determining the success of your online store. While it is unlikely that customers will always notice when you ship effectively, be very certain that inefficient shipping will be noticed by your customers. As we all have come to discover, customers rarely give feedback on good service but can be very expressive when they receive bad services.

A survey was recently carried out with some Konga merchants. They were asked how they have been able to build a large customer base and maintain high store performance. Most common tips given are as follows.

Ship on Time- When you receive a new order, it is important that the item is packaged immediately and delivered on the same day when possible. This is the essence of self-fulfil. We advise that you consider delivering your orders by self as it enables for swift delivery and also instant gathering of your proceeds. Customers get furious when they have to wait a long period to receive their order so to avoid this, ensure that you find the right method for shipping that suits your time and that of the customer as this will keep them happy and coming back.

Offer Incentives- Offering “freebies” is a great way to attract both new and existing customers for your store. One of the most attractive incentives you can offer is “Free Shipping”. Customers are always willing to spend more money if you eradicate shipping fee.