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2 Station Multi-Gym with Leg Station, Peck Deck and Hydraulic Stepper

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This Fantastic Home Multi-gym has everything you could possibly imagine to achieve your goals in body building the Main functions include The butterfly arms, chest press, and Bench Press. The PULLDOWN BAR provides front and back lat pulldowns, assisted crunches, tricep exercises, Bench press. The LOWER PULLEY CHAIN provides many bicep and tricep exercises, seated or bent rowing exercises, many curls and shrugs. And the LEG STATION allows you to do leg extension and leg curls so you can really excel in creating those leg muscles, this also features a pull up station for you to do them leg/Knee raises and dips this station also features a Hydraulic Stepper. This popular De YoungFitnes Masterclass multi-gym has all the essential functions of a magnificent home gym and is the ideal choice for regular gym enthusiasts and body building beginners.


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