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2i2 USB Recording Audio Interface

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Scarlett Focusrite 2i2 USB Recording Audio Interface Studio Package New Generation Pack
  • Contains high quality condenser microphone, referencing headphones, and Scarlett XLR mic cable

  • Audio interface includes 2 high-quality Focusrite microphone preamps; unique LED indicator halos

  • Included Software - Cubase LE 6, Focusrite Scarlett Plug-in Suite, Red 2 & Red 3 Plug-in Suite, the Softube Time and Tone Bundle, Bass Station soft-synth, Loopmasters samples

  • 24-bit performance at up to 96kHz sampling, minimum 105dB dynamic range on record and 102dB on playback

  • USB powered portable package; Kensington lockable


The Scarlett Studio from Focusrite is a complete professional recording package for musicians. Whether you're just starting out on your musical career or you're a seasoned professional, Scarlett Studio gives you everything you need to start recording studio-quality music right away. Just add your computer. Now you can record guitar, vocals, bass or other instruments directly into your computer, complete your recordings with studio effects and create a master mix. At the heart of Scarlett Studio is the Scarlett 2i2, delivering the legendary Focusrite sound that audio industry professionals have relied on for decades.


This interface connects to your Mac or PC via the USB port and provides 2-inputs and 2-outputs to your music software. Plug your instrument and the included studio microphone straight into the front panel and 2i2 brings it into your computer at the highest possible quality. You can record, edit and mix with the best possible playback quality so you can hear exactly what you're doing. Scarlett Studio gives you everything you need to start recording.


There's a studio condenser microphone, the CM25, that's specially designed to catch the life and soul of your vocals and acoustic instruments. There's even a high-quality, low-noise microphone cable included, to connect the CM25 to the Scarlett 2i2. The included HP60 studio monitor headphones tell it like it is. Unlike many headphones that flatter the sound, making it sound better than it really is, the HP60s give you a clear and accurate impression of exactly how your music sounds, so you can get it just the way you want it.


Scarlett Studio includes all the software you need to get you going right away, including the powerful Cubase LE 6 production software for recording and mixing, Focusrite Scarlett plug-ins to add extra effects and processing, Bass Station soft-synth to add bass or melody sounds, and Loopmasters samples to add drum loops or sound effects to your track.

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