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A Cobbler’s Travail By Don Veta

A Cobbler’s Travail By Don Veta

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“A Cobbler’s Travail” stages the difficulties of a multi-tiered, multifaceted society faced with the most serious challenges. The play aptly draws the line between the most dignified, peaceful Islamic religion and its preposterous posture by ideological terrorists. Using satire as its weapon, the drama exposes societal ills and shows how unanswered economic and administrative issues lead destitute individuals to fall prey to shameless extremists. The play may act as a catharsis to purge this country, Nigeria, from the evil rampant on its territory.”

— Brigitte Poirson

Retired Literary Lecturer, Writer and Poet, France


“The Play “A Cobbler’s Travail” beams a searchlight on religious extremism, and its contemporary resonance in the exploration of what it means to be a Muslim. It explores the powerlessness of those drawn into terrorist movements in a world of inequality, destitution, corruption and oppression.”

— Dollin Holt

Founder, Caprecon Foundation, UK


“A Cobbler’s Travail” stealthily creeps on a floorboard of intense mystery. Hammering wildly, brings the story to life.”

— Noleen Desiree Titus

Founder, Victors and Not Victims of Abuse, South Africa


About the Playwright:

Akpoviri Akpoveta Prince, is a recipient of an Excellence Award by the Nigerian Top Executives in the Entertainment and Media Industry. An eclectic writer whose works cut through the creative literary gene. He is a respected writer, journalist, filmmaker, public intellectual and a social commentator who is using his work to address the many ills in the society. “A Cobbler’s Travail” is his most recent literary works but he has contributed to various anthologies both locally and internationally.

“Don Veta”, as he is fondly called by his peers and business associates, lives in Warri and a proud father of a lovely daughter.

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