Akai 3.8 Kg Washing Machine

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Brand: Akai
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The AKAI 3.8 Kg Washing Machine - Wm013a-38tt is an efficient way to do laundry. It uses a minimum amount of water for washing. This washing machine is automatically filled with water, it then proceeds to wash the clothes, and spins. The clothes are loaded from the top into the perforated baskets that’s in an upright position within a water retaining tub and a water pump in the basket. During the wash cycle, enough water is filled into the outer tub which makes the clothes float freely in the basket. It has a capacity of 3.8 KG for clothing and it has a quick wash functionality that washes clothes in just 15 minutes.

The AKAI 3.8 Kg Washing Machine - Wm013a-38tt saves water and energy. This washing machine is cost effective and very efficient; it will not spike your electricity bill. It does not waste water and energy. It has a spin capacity of 2kg with a 5 minute spin timer. It operates with very low noise and it is convenient to carry. It is easy to operate; no complicated settings. It will give you a clean wash every time you wash. The AKAI washing machine will rinse your clothes well and does not leave a lingering soapy feel. It has been certified safe and trustworthy.

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Key Features

?Capacity: 3.8 Litres
Power: 640 Watts
Colour: Multi
Type: Twin Tub
Wash Capacity 3.8kg
Spin Capacity 2kg
15 Minute Wash Timer
5 Minute Spin Timer
Signal Bell
Separate Inlet Valve
Spin Tubs

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