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Spinning  Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike could be used for exercise of the tummy, leg and thigh, it promote blood circulation ,  it more fat it covered   more speed, and easy to used, it could left 120kg  of a person,  it has LCD monitor machine which could read your pulse , calories burnt,  it could  for cardiovasculer, its slimmed and burn fat  it create mental well being  for the brain, it hihgly recommended machine propare of the body and fitness, it served as workout fitness machine... Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike. It may not move when you pedal, but it feels nothing like a stationary bike and you never have to leave your house to experience it. The exercise bike features a fully adjustable seat and handlebars for maximum comfort and performance while you exercise. An advanced 30-pound flywheel accurately simulates real bicycle action and the adjustable resistance lets you take on flat, uphill and downhill riding.

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