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Andrakk Rechargeable Standing Fan With Remote Control - 16 inch Blades

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Product Code: 3162140
Brand: Andrakk
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The Andrakk Rechargeable Fan has 18-Inch blades that deliver refreshing air to your homes or offices. It has a tilting head that you can adjust to suit your every need. Andrakk Rechargeable Fans now have Solar Charging Function and Free USB Cord. Additionally, you can adjust the speed to your preference. It has 9pcs LED night light that serve as a source of illumination when there is power outage. With this rechargeable fan, you are assured of a cool refreshing air during those very hot days. It is made from sturdy and durable materials which guarantee it will serve you well for a long period of time.

16" stand fan; 12V7AH Rechargeable battery with overcharge & over discharge protection; Height Adjustible, USB Port , Charge level indicator, 9pcs LED night light, AC/DC Operated. 3-speed control (low, medium & High) Remote control, Replaceable batteries and standard 3 pin big plugs&solar 
charging port


  1. 12V 7Ah sealed lead-acid rechargeable battery
  2. 3-SPEED - Low/Mid/High speed selector
  3. 16" stand fan 
  4. TURBO speed
  5. Adjustable height
  6. Multi-angle tilting
  7. 9pcs LED night light
  8. Overcharge & Over-discharge protection
  9. Oscillation function
  10. USB port for charging phones
  11. Free USB Cord for charging phones
  12. Red light charging indicator
  13. Green light operating indicator
  14. AC/DC Operated
  15. DC socket for solar charging option
  16. Replaceable batteries
  17. Standard 3 pin plugs 
  18. Remote Control
  19. Solar Charging Function
  20. 180hrs/9LED lights
  21. 9hrs/low speed
  22. 7hrs/mid speed
  23. 5hrs/high speed
  24. Charge 10-12hrs Before first use
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