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Ankle Wrist Weight

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Want to quickly build stamina and muscle in your workout? Use ankle weights and wrist weights!  They effectively shape and tone your muscles.  Plus, you can wear them anywhere.  Sport them around the office, out shopping or at the gym. And though you may only add a little extra weight at first, your body will work that much harder.  Without you even knowing it you quickly build up more stamina.  And when you take the ankle weights or wrist weights off, you’ll be amazed at how light you feel!

You can train for an upcoming running event with leg weights or ankle weights, and improve your strength and agility for sports like soccer and football.  In fact, wearing ankle weights is like doing bicep curls with free weights, with the advantage of toning your lower body.  Eventually, your body will adjust to running, walking and living with those few extra pounds.  As a result, when you remove the weights you’re much faster!


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