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Apple Ipod Nano 7th Generation - 16gb

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Brand: Apple
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The seventh-generation iPod nano is back to its rectangular shape. This time with a multi-touch capacitive touchscreen and a home button. It can no longer be used as a wristwatch (like its immediate predecessor) nor it can be used to shoot sneaky videos (like the fifth-generation iPod nano). It now has a built-in pedometer for fitness buffs (in addition to the Nike+ app). Let's not forget the FM Radio tuner, music and video player, support for podcasts, new accessibility features, Bluetooth (for wireless headset support) and whatnot!

It also comes with the new Apple EarPods, which will instantly make your iPod nano a looker or maybe you yourself can get more attention? It also has the new Lightning port and connector to facilitate charging and syncing content. Let's go back to its looks, which makes the iPod nano's design revolutionary and controversial.

It does look like the Nokia Lumia 800/900. While the Lumia and the iPod nano are both made with premium materials, the white glossy finish in front on the latter makes it look outright cheap. Do you agree? Sorry for the term, but it looks like that there was a serious case of "physical retardation" that took place while it was being manufactured.

Anyway, with these new features of the iPod nano, do you think that Apple wants the new nano to move in the direction of iOS? I don't want to speculate but if it happens, then the iPod touch will be in deep trouble. The iPod nano could become an iPod touch mini or lite of some sort. For pricing, please refer to the chart below:

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