Arrowroot Powder - 100g

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Arrowroot has incredible anti-inflammatory, absorbent and healing properties that give it multiple cosmetic and medicinal uses. In fact its name, arrowroot, is derived from its original purpose, which was as a treatment for poison arrow injuries. Today, it is still used to treat many wounds.

Because the arrowroot powder is odorless and delicate, it makes an easy substance to incorporate into food, medicines, cosmetic items and for health purposes. Its low fat and calorie content and gluten-free nature also makes it particularly popular among those who are weight-conscious or gluten-intolerant. Arrowroot powder can also decrease cholesterol when consumed in food.

When it comes to makeup, it is a completely natural alternative to silica, talc or talcum powder, with additional benefits. Containing many proactive health properties, arrowroot powder is also popularly used among pregnant women and for babies. Because it is odorless, it has deodorising qualities and can also be used to create deodorants as well as dry shampoos.

Arrowroot is anti-inflammatory and also can work as an antiseptic, making it perfect for irritated areas such as burns, rashes and sores. In some countries, it is even used with water as a paste to apply to open wounds.

Arrowroot is predominantly known for its soothing properties. A natural healer for small irritations, it assists with the drying out of wounds, rashes or blemishes. Because of its natural origin, arrowroot flour will not hurt the skin further, allowing it to rest without additional irritation.

Arrowroot powder calms the skin while balancing the oil and effectively fighting against acne through penetration of the skin. It encourages a stronger skin surface and works to reduce unnecessary oils while contributing to the healing of irritations.

Arrowroot powder is also often used in cosmetics because of its absorbent quality and can also be used to thicken the consistency of lotions and moisturisers. The high starch content contributes it being able to maintain the skin’s softness and keeping oil levels even. Because of these absorbent qualities, arrowroot is also used in dry shampoo to remove excess oils. This is why arrowroot is even used as an acne treatment, giving it recognition as one of the most versatile substances on the market.

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