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Atlantic Hand Sanitizer - 500ml

Atlantic Hand Sanitizer - 500ml

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ATLANTIC HAND SANITIZER kills 99.9% of most common germs within seconds.

It protects you from germs in the absence of conventional soap and water.

Use as an aid to reduce the chances of infectious germs and as a supplement for regular hand washing in the absence of soap and water.

It dries quickly on your hands and leaves a pleasant and fresh scent. Atlantic Hand Sanitizer is very effective and affordable giving you value for money to keep your family free from infectious

diseases. Its non-sticky formula leaves your hands feeling clean, fresh and silky.

Atlantic Hand Sanitizer is suitable for the home, workplace, playground, school, vehicles, hospital, worship center and many other common areas.

Directions: Dispense a thumbnail quantity in your palm, rub together briskly until dry ensuring the back, front of your palms and between your fingers are covered. No need to wipe or wash.

Composition: 70% v/v Ethyl Alcohol, Humectants, Carbopol, Purified Water and Fragrance

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