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Automatic Changeover with Generator Auto Start & Timer-60A

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  • Automatic changeover | DEC/ATS 202
  • Suitable for single phase petrol generators up to 10KVA (60A current rating)
  • Easy to install, 12months warranty, 24/7 customer support
  • Ultra fast changeover; No power interruption during changeover. Your gadgets will not go off
  • Auto-stops generator when there's main power supply (PHCN) and changes over immediately
  • Auto-starts generator when there's power failure and auto start mode is enabled.
  • Users can start and stop their generator from the comfort of their room via a start and stop switch on the device
  • Start function only Works for key start and automatic choke generators (automatic choke is a common feature on remote controlled generators)
  • Auto-stop and button stop functions works for all class of domestic generators
  • Allows users to time their generator for desired hours of operation,

You can time your generator to operate for a few hours during the night and your inverter takes over from there
You can put some clothes in your washing machine, time your generator for the estimated wash time and leave for work.

  • Timing is cancelled when PHCN supply is restored
  • Can operate in either manual or automatic mode
  • When in automatic mode, no user intervention needed for change over to occur
  • 60Amps, single phase output capacity
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