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Avosoft Swiftshop POS Retail, Restaurant and Inventory Management v1.0 - Standard Edition

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1 Review

Swiftshop POS

Swiftshop is a point of sale application desktop application designed to effectively manage your shop, mall, boutique, warehouses, private business etc. Swiftshop is designed to help you do the strenuous or repeated work with less effort. The application takes care of all the repeated work accurately, it keeps records secure and accurate, generating receipts and reports.

Why Swiftshop?

If you handle records manually or through some spreadsheet application, or if you even handle a lot of records every week, you will agree that you need an effective and easy way to manage these records as quick as possible. Swiftshop meets these needs by making it easy to store and navigate records for your business, making it as easy as clicking a few buttons to get the desired result.

Some Swiftshop Features

Secured Access

Swiftshop restricts access to it by requiring every user to login to the application, and there by records all action performed by this user against their name. This is very useful because you can later find out who did what and when

Group Products into Categories

Create products groups to better organize your products list. Products groups can later be used for sales to locate product faster, group sales reports, and others!

Products Inventory

All products are carefully stored in the Swiftshop database securely. The name, category, buy price, sell price can also be configured among other things

Service Products

You might have some products that you dont want to track stock, the software makes it easy for you to sell these categories of items.

Speedy Sales

Make sales quickly with Swiftshop by just clicking any of the product to sell. You can click multiple times to increase the quantity, or simply change the quantity number of the product.

Email Capability

You can use Swiftshop to send receipts, invoices, quotes, or any other sales document directly to customers via email.

SMS Capability

Send SMS directly to your customers anytime with Swiftshop. You can send sales receipts, new products or coupons directly to customers.

Sales History

Every transaction is stored up in the database and recorded against a customer. You can view a customer purchase history anytime. Sales receipt and Invoices can be printed and re-printed or emailed to the customer any time!

Customize everything

You can customize almost everything in Swiftshop, from the company name to the currency symbol you use. There are over 50 items you can change in Swiftshop

Customer CRM

Store customers for a lot of benefits; Easily know your customers! Add new customers at POS to track sales by customer, detect lost customers (dormant) or see which customer patronize you most; previous customer lists can be imported from Excel files, which will make customer storage easy!

Print receipts

You can print small receipts that you give to your customers after each transaction.

Print reports

You can generate reports of various types for all records that are stored up in the database of Swiftshop. 
Some reports are:

  1.  Cash Received
  2. Cash Received By Staff
  3. Customer History
  4. Customers
  5. Debtors
  6. Expenses
  7. Expenses by Staff
  8. Out of Stock
  9. Products
  10. Products By Category
  11. Sales
  12. Sales by Customer
  13. Sales by Product
  14. Sales by Staff
  15. Sales Daily
  16. Sales Monthly
  17. Sales Weekly
  18. Sales Yearly
  19. Stock
  20. Stock Level
  21. Stock Reorder
  22. etc

Print Invoice

You can print Invoice for each Sale as they are entered or after they have been entered using any standard printer.

Custom payments

You can give customers the benefit of paying multiple times for any sale.

Manage staff

You can manage your staff with different roles, each staff has limited access to the application except the administrator.

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