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The universal Barcode Scanner is a laser light barcode scanner which could be used in the library, file management, inventory tracking, point of sale and more. It is new and of high quality with USB port cable, LED and buzzer indicator. It is easy to use and has fast speed scanning with intelligent AGC. It has a laser scanner with ergonomic design and host editing function and excellent reading performance with a high resolution reading capability up to 0.1mm and also a multiple interface on board. It also has a data formatting mode and a shocking resistance with a passed drop test at 1.5m.
The universal Barcode Scanner is mostly used in supermarkets, warehouses, libraries and more. It is quick to decode and also read the code. It also helps speed data entry and reduces errors. It improves efficiency and it is appropriate for retail transactions or automated processes. Its plastic handle is of high quality and ensures long service life. It is easy to install and easy to use. It is lightweight and is ideal for businesses, small stores, offices, libraries. You can use it in scanning library books for record purposes. It reads the barcodes accurately and scans it appropriately.

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