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Battery Charger - 6V 7AH

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This battery charger has the following features:

  • Can charge 6V 7AH battery
  • Can charge betwen 6 - 9V battery
  • It is reliable, strong, rugged
  • Though it does not have BATTERY FULL indicator but the charging is accurate
  • It does not damage battery when and after charging
  • It is used to charge your extra rechargeable fan battery
  • It also charge your battery faster that using the rechargeable fan to charge your battery
  • It is mobile i.e it can be used to charge your fan battery anywhere and anytime
  • It is very portable and can be carry about.
  • Charge time 2 hours (Within this period the battery will become warm).



Do not charge your battery for more than 2 hours in order not to damage your battery

How to use the battery charger
Plug the BLACK CLIP on the negative side (or the black colour part) on the battery
Plug the RED CLIP on the positive side (or the red colour part) on the battery
Plug the ADAPTOR TO ANY 220 AC
Then wait as your battery charges


How to know if your battery is charging
After 5-10 minutes, the charger will be warm
After plugging both the positive and the negative clip on the battery, you will remove the positive clip on the battery, then use it to scratch the positive side of the battery. You wil get a small spark of the positive side of the battery which signifies or indicates that the battery is charging.

The Charger might be:
Warm when charging

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