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Belkin Powerhouse Charging Station / Dock / Stand For Apple Iphone X, Iphone 8 Plus, Iphon

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Brand: Belkin
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Charge and display your Apple Watch and iPhone simultaneously with the 2-in-1 Belkin powerhouse charge dock for Apple Watch + iPhone. With a Magnetic charging module for the Apple Watch built into the dock, your Apple Watch aligns magnetically and begins charging instantly. The dock also features a Built-in versacase Lightning connector to charge your iPhone, that can be adjusted to fit almost any case. Engineered to charge both devices at the fastest possible speed, the dock also elevates them for safety and visibility while they charge

Easily charge your iPhone and Apple Watch simultaneously with the Belkin PowerHouse Charge Dock for Apple Watch + iPhone. The built-in Magnetic Charging Module aligns your Apple Watch magnetically, so you can begin charging instantly. The dock also features an adjustable VersaCase Lightning connector that conveniently accommodates devices with protective cases.

The PowerHouse Charge Dock holds your Apple Watch and iPhone securely in place and allows full access to your device, so you can watch videos, listen to music, or stream podcasts while your devices charge.

PowerHouse Charger Compact Design

Sleek and Compact

This charger takes up minimal space on your nightstand or countertop. It's easily transportable, so you can charge in different rooms, and it has a 4-foot power cord that gives you the flexibility to plug in wherever you want. The dock also elevates your Apple Watch and iPhone above the surface of your desk or nightstand to prevent scratches and provide visibility.

Magnetic Module Offers Quick Apple Watch Charging

With 1.0 amp of power, the built-in Magnetic Charging Module is engineered to charge your Apple Watch at the fastest possible speed. By using the dock to charge your Apple Watch, you can use the charger provided with your Apple Watch for use as a spare at work, in the car, or wherever it is needed.

VersaCase Dial Adjusts to Fit Protective Cases

VersaCase Lightning Connector Accommodates Protective Cases

The adjustable VersaCase Lightning connector allows you to connect and charge your iPhone without removing its case. The wheel at the back of the dock elevates and lowers the connector, so it can accommodate almost any case. Whether you have a slim, lightweight skin or a bulkier protective case, you can count on the Charge Dock for a secure fit and a fast connection.


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