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Biosea Cod Liver Oil

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Biosea Cod Liver Oil Orange-flavored Syrup for kids re-introduces all the age-long benefits of the super-food, Cod Liver Oil in a more appealing and palatable taste. Naturally flavoured, Biosea Cod Liver Oil is devoid of the characteristic fishy taste and smell of other Cod Liver Oil brands making dosing compliance for kids a sweet experience.It is beneficial in improving mental alertness in kids, visual acuity, building strong bones and teeth and overall immune system boost to prevent infections, cough & cold.

Biosea Cod Liver Oil Capsules in the elderly serves as a cardiac tonic, helping to improve heart function, preventing blood clots that lead to stroke by reducing the amount of circulating cholesterol in the blood. It is also beneficial as an adjunct therapy in ameliorating the pain in arthritis.

NAFDAC Registration Number; A4-7531

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