Call Of Duty Black Ops II - PS3

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Call of duty black ops 2 is develop by . It is basically a shooter video game. You might have played lots of shooter games but this game is one of the most amazing shooter game. In this game we can see the future warfare technology. In other call of duty games their is only one story but it is the first game in which their are lots of stories. In this game choice of player is very important and player can choose weapons of his own choice before starting the mission. In single player mode of call of duty black ops 2 their are two different stories. The first story of this game shows final years of first cold war which was held in the duration of 1986 to 1989. The second story of this game shows the time period of second cold war. Choice and decisions of player can change the entire story of the game. In this game player can control many war belongings such as jet fighters and robots.

You can also play  as multi-player. When you play this game as multi-player with your friends, believe me you will surely enjoy a lot. You can also play call of duty black ops 2 with 8 players online. In this game you have 2 teams, 4 players in each team which are competing to survive. Other call of duty games allows only 4 players to play online, so you can enjoy with more friends in this game. This game also contains zombies mode. The most important thing in this game is that it has several possible endings. After completing this game players can also play special ending part which is very interesting part.  is old game from this series.


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