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Camry Digital Glass Weighing Scale

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Brand: Camry
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Weighing In This Weight Watchers scale features a contemporary glass and silver look. The extra large 1.5 inch easy-to-read LCD digital display gives you the comfort of viewing your weight with ease. A handle integrated into the back allows you to easily carry the scale or move it in and out of storage. Using Your Scale For best accuracy, place the scale on tile or hardwood floor, rather than uneven, flexible, or soft flooring (such as carpet). Give the scale a firm, quick tap with your foot to turn it on and wait until the display shows “0.0”. Then step onto the scale and stand still. Your weight reading will appear on the display and stay for a few seconds. The scale will then shut off automatically. Don’t Overdo It A surefire way to get overly concerned with your goal is to weigh yourself too often. We generally recommend that you weigh yourself no more than once a week when you’re dieting. That is the best way to prevent unnecessary concern with normal weight fluctuations, which are unrelated to your weight-loss efforts. Regardless of your weighing habits, it’s important that you’re consistent. Weigh yourself at the same time of time of day, wearing the same clothes each time and try to balance your weight evenly on the scale each time. Features: Easy to read 1.5 in. digital display Safety tempered glass platform 12.2 in x 13.5 in. 400 lbs/180 kg capacity Displays weight in .01 lbs/50 g increments Long life battery.

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