Car Digital MP3 Player

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3 Reviews

This product is a vehicle for the Bluetooth car MP3 player, professional-grade high-performance Bluetooth module, MP3 decoder chip, high-fidelity, low noise emission chip back, can play TF card music files. Transmit wirelessly to the car stereo, if the user's mobile phone with Bluetooth, you can use the Bluetooth feature to the machine automatically switches to speakerphone state, end the call and then automatically switches back to the music player, you can also phone in your MP3 music Information transmitted through the wireless transmitter to your car stereo, do not need to modify your car can easily make your way to either the driver can enjoy music and can use hands-free phone calls, entertainment security correct.


Bluetooth Handsfree
Mobile phone charging. Let the phone in the car never off
Echo cancellation and noise during a call processing (cars with speeds of up to 100 yards, the use of Bluetooth phone no echo)
Stereo Bluetooth and FM transmitter technology
Support TF card up to 32GB(Not included)
Support for MP3 format music
Automatic power-off memory function
Direct car cigarette lighter power supply



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