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Car Portable Laptop Food Tray Table With Cup Holder

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Stuck in a jam, or a long journey could make us feel tired. The best thing to do if you begin to feel tired while driving is to stop driving, as your son and daughter at the back seat couldn’t stop nagging and asking, “Dad, When will we arrived?” Let’s take a break. A car multi-functional tray will turn the journey fun and exciting.


Multi tray can be used as desk with its fishhook-shaped bodies shape provide convenient place for notebook, tablet, grocery food, drink, etc. Alternately, this tray also can be used as a writing table. No matter what little space but free and pleasant.



  • Size: 25*15*4cm
  • Color: Gray
  • Material: Heat-resistant ABS



  • Multifunction tray for holding cups, bottles or cans and your meal at the same time.
  • Great organize and keep car neat, long-distance drive good assistant.
  • This laptop desk can be placed to the steering wheel or back of the car seat as a tray.
  • Can accommodate up to 500 ml mineral bottles or large cans of soft drinks, or beverages.
  • Easy to install and optional adjustable angle,fitting any steering wheel or car seat.

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