Cardinal Round Neck Vest - White - 3 Pcs Set

Product Code: 2796365
Brand: Cardinal
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Product Description
Cardinal 3-in-1 Classic Round Neck is made from 100% cotton fabric, this makes it very durable and will ensure proper ventilation of your body. Before wearing any of your formal or casual wears, it is important that you wear a quality singlet for absolute comfort. This round neck is not just a fashion accessory, but it is important when for absorbing sweat from your body. This will prevent your cloth from getting stained with sweat. Wearing an underwear like this classic round neck will make you feel comfortable as some material used in making the attire you have on might not feel good on the skin.

Cardinal 3-in-1 Classic Round Neck comes in a luxurious white colour. When you wear this round neck under any of your cloth, it will blend well and it will not be visible. When you wear your shirt and traditional wear without a singlet it feel really uncomfortable. The classic underwear comes in a pair of 3 for convenience. It is highly important for you to own this classic underwear. It has been designed in such a way that it will give you a smart fit. The primary function of this round neck is to absorb sweat from your body and to make you feel cool underneath.c

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