Century Microwave with Grill - 20L- A Manual & Digital

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Brand: Century
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The Century Microwave 20L- A manual has been designed specifically to make food heating better and easier with its numerous abilities. This brand of quality and high service focused kitchen electronics is built with an Analogue use function, which makes its easy, faster, and unique. It also comes in unique attractive colors which are the white and black colored microwave designs, just for your taste and the beautiful color and shape bring more beauty to your kitchen.

This exclusive machine is the latest of its kind and is a highly improved technology to the previously designed microwaves. The microwave is also designed with a superior heating function, which enables the food to be well heated and it heats faster in no time. This function puts an end to longer waiting for the food to be hot and ready to be served. The function makes it attain far higher temperature; thereby enhancing professional cooking this affordable invented microwave is also more spacious and can contain more to be microwaved with its 20-litres capacity, more than the other regular microwaves.

It is not only designed for microwaving, but rather it has multitude functions and features, alongside with the microwaving function which it was designed with, it also comes with an oven capacity which also enables you not just to microwave but also serves as an oven. This latest technology is so outstanding and the best of its kind. The high quality kitchen appliance is an advanced technology because

Key Features

  • 5 microwave power levels
  • Grill cooking
  • Defrost capability
  • Combination cooking
  • Rotating glass tray
  • Cooking end signal
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