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Children's Pit Ball - 100 Pack

Children's Pit Ball - 100 Pack

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The Multicoloured pool Balls is made of soft non-harmful plastic material... non-toxic and with no smell. It is safe for your kids or pets to play with. Are your kids of the habit of trying to eat every object in sight? No worries!! This is one of the Toys they can touch with their mouth with no harm nor damage.

Made with non-harmful, non-toxic and non-pvc or other recycled plastic material. This is one of the reasons why the bright Coloured Pit balls will make an amazing toy for your baby-toddler-kid.

Why your kids Needs The 
Multicoloured Pit Balls

1. It promotes brain and health development.

2. It promotes the cognition of colours.

3. It promotes thinking logic and sensory development.

4. It Strengthens baby's imagination.

5. It coordinates the baby's hand-eye together.

6. Help coordinate baby's ability. 

7. Child's Play together enhance the collective consciousness.

Pressure or Crush Proof

Amazingly, the ball pit can withstand any sort of pressure without any dent or damage. Even when your kids mistakenly step on the balls while jumping, it doesn't get dented. It's strong enough to withstand any pressure, even from an adult (You can test them yourself). You will surely be amazed.

Perfect Size
The pit ball is of perfect size 2.5inches(6.5cm). It is large enough to not fit your kids mouth but small enough to grab with their little hands.

The Multicoloured pool balls or pit ball is ideal for bathtub, playpen, playhouse, pit ball, play tent and any Indoor/outdoor play area.

Our kids ball set is of best quality, no funky weird plastic smells. They don't feel weak/flimsy.

Well packaged (100pcs).

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