Clipper with Bag, After Shave, Brush & Barbing Cape

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The Chaoba Professional Hair Clipper Set is light weight which makes it quite portable to carry around and it is not cumbersome to handle. It has a powerful and reliable motor that guarantees efficient operation every time. The hair clipper will let you keep a clean cut without undue stress. The set includes a cleaning brush and lubricating oil for smooth running of the clipper in all situations. The blade is sharp enough for defining your hairline so you can look sharp as an elegant man. This clipper can be used by students, professionals or people who run a barbing salon.


The Chaoba Professional Hair Clipper Set gives you the freedom to trim your hair by yourself in your home so you can always look smart before leaving the house every day. It has a long cord that makes hair cutting an easy affair. It comes with different comb attachments for achieving varying cutting styles which makes it capable of doing anything you expect of it. It is a complete hair clipper set which comes with two sets of teeth with carbon steel blade, it also comes powder brush, hair brush, barbing cape, sure aftershave and a clipper bag to keep your cutting sets clean. The hair clipper can accommodate all types of hair texture and length thanks to its adjustable blade. You are sure to enjoy the hair clipper which is very durable and easy to use.

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