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CT Laptop Powerbank - 105,600mAh - HP Big Mouth

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4 Reviews

Note:1. This can charge all laptops but comes with HP big mouth cable only. If you intend to use it with other laptop visit to order for cable or other powerbank with your brand. If your cable is not amongst the listed ones, order the ones without cable and contact us.

         2. This Powerbank is assembled by Ceeprotech Ltd and the Laptop cable might have a tape on it. It doesn't indicate fake or substandard it is for quality purpose and we promise that you will Enjoy our product.


CT Mobile Laptop Powerbank is a high capacity power bank of 105,600Mah(105.6AH) that is built with laptop in mind. Build with high quality rechargeable LifePO4 Lithium Ion batteries. This is a unique battery indeed that can power/charge your laptop for a minimum of 10hrs and up to 18hrs.  

Note: Send the model of laptop(s) you intend to use it with through "Message Seller" to make order processing faster

It is indeed a Laptop Power Bank! That can power all devices that use external adapter like:

  1. Laptops
  2. DC Television
  3. Thermal printer
  4. Photo printers
  5. Digital cameras
  6. Huawei modems (swift 4G, Spectranet etc)
  7. Other devices that can accept  12v to 16volts 1.5-5amps
  8. Other devices that can accept 17v – 20 volts 3.7-6amps
  9. Other devices that can accept 24v – 30 volts 0.5amps

Uses a 12/24volts USB converter to charge your phones and iPad


 Input: Charging voltage DC 16volts 3.5 -4.5amps / 80watts solar panel

Output: DC 17V-20V, 3.5-6A auto

Output 2-option 1: 24v- 30V, 0.5A

Output 2-option 2: 12V-15V auto (customized if the customer demands it)

Rated Power: 85Watt

Dimensions: 170 x 135 x 80 mm (6.6 x 5.3 x 3.1 in)


Buy 105,600mAh CT Mobile Laptop Powerbank for your laptops, smartphones and printer and enjoy the following benefits:

* It support all laptops

* It works minimum of 9 hours and upto 18 hours uninterrupted when is fully charge

*Portable and dependable

*Tested and confirmed to have a long lasting battery.

*Very good and in excellence condition.


What is in the pack:

1 CT Mobile Laptop Powerbank 105,600MaH

1 USB Charger (rating 5V, 2.1Ah)

1 Power Bank Charger

1 Users’ guide

1 Laptop connecting cable



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