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The text attempts to provide both the theoretical and computational aspects of the subjects as well as a number of practical experiences. The sustained interest among researches and academicians has resulted in a multifaceted exploration of CRM concepts, including behavioural as well as economic aspects. A number of papers & articles in academic journals as well as business publications, seminars and conferences have helped in dissemintating the knowledge and experience. New technologies for distributing and collecting informatiion have affected both companies and customers. Customers are continuously informed about products through different modes of communication.
In the Indian market, Customers are supposed to be treated as kings, following the business dictum given by the Father of this nation Mahatma Gandhi, who pointed out that 'A shop keeper should not think that he is doing any service to a customer, but he shall always remember that only the customer is doing a serve to the shop keeper by giving him an opportunity to do business with him.' As the nation prospers, and as the business expands with increasing competitiveness among the business players of a business domain this dictum gains more vlaue since such customer-focus would not only fetch more profit but also would infuse some ethics and spirituality in business in the present cut-throat competitive scenario of business.

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