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Cypress Essential Oil - 15ml

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The essential oil is extracted through the process of steam distillation using the needles and twigs of the young branches. The oil has a woody and refreshing aroma and is clear to a pale yellow colour in appearance, with a watery consistency. Cypress is derived from the Greek word sempervivens which means live forever. It is also believed and known to be documented that the cross of Jesus was made from the wood of Cypress.

The oil varies in colour, from colourless to yellowy and has a characteristic pleasant smoky, woody smell, similar to that of turpentine but not as pungent as juniperberry.

Main Uses:

Cypress oil is thought to be good for oily, damaged skin and excessive sweating. It is considered it also helps to balance your emotions when you are feeling tense or stressed. The essential oil is distilled from the leaves and cones and contains d-pinene, d-camphene, d-sylevestrene, cymene, sabinol, terpenic alcohol and camphor of Cypress.

Blends well with:

Bergamot, lavender, clary sage, sandalwood, juniper and marjoram

Ingredient: 100% Cypress Oil

INCI: Cupressus sempervirens

Indications: Store in a cool, dry place away from sunlight.

Note: For external use only. Do not ingest.

Should always be used with caution, although pregnant women can use this oil, we would advise against it, or you should seek a practitioners advice, should always be used in moderation.

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