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dbx DriveRack 260 Complete Equalization and Loudspeaker Control System - Black

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DriveRack 260 Complete Equalization and Loudspeaker Control System

  • Analog Inputs 
    Number of inputs: (2) line inputs, (1) RTA mic input 
    Connectors: (2) female XLR line inputs, XLR RTA mic input 
    Type: Electronically balanced/RF filtered 
    Impedance: >40 k ohm 
    Max input line level: +34dBu with input jumpers in +30 position 
    CMRR: >45 dB 
    RTA mic phantom voltage: +15 VDC 
    RTA mic EIN: <-110 dBu, 22 Hz - 22 kHz, 150 ohm 

    Analog Outputs 
    Number of outputs: 6 
    Connectors: Male XLR 
    Type: Electronically balanced, RF filter 
    Impedance: 120 ohms 
    Max output level: +22dBu 

    A/D Performance 
    Type: dbx Type IV conversion system 
    Dynamic range line: >114 dB A-weighted, >112 dB unweighted 
    Type IV dynamic range: >119 dB, A-weighted, 22kHz BW; >117 dB, A-weighted, 22kHz BW 
    Sample rate: 48 kHz 

    D/A Performance 
    Dynamic range: 112 dB A-unweighted, 110 dB unweighted 

    System Performance 
    Dynamic range: 110 dB unweighted, >107 dB weighted 
    THD + N: 0.002% typical at +4 dBu, 1 kHz, 0 dB input gain 
    Frequency response: 20 Hz-20 kHz, +/-0.5 dB 
    Interchannel crosstalk: >110 dB, 120 dB typical 
    Crosstalk input to output: >100 dB

The DriveRack 260 provides state-of-the-art signal processing with a simple and intuitive user interface for total control of your PA.

Designed to be the only device necessary between the mixer and the power amps, DriveRacks are all-inclusive loudspeaker management systems versatile enough to suit any sound reinforcement, monitoring, or install application. 

The DriveRack 260 offers 2 independent channels of processing power with a linkable 28-band graphic EQ, industry-standard dbx stereo compressor module, feedback eliminator, and the 120A Subharmonic Synthesizer on the input signal path. 6-channel output system includes parametric EQs, PeakStopPlus limiters (to provide protection against speaker blowouts), and alignment delay. Setup Wizard gets you up and running quickly and GUI control provides easy PC-based control. 

Click on the PDF link below for more complete details on this powerful PA control system.

  • Feedback elimination
  • 2.7 seconds of alignment and zone delay
  • RS-232 PC GUI control
  • Classic dbx compression and limiting
  • Graphic and parametric EQs
  • Auto-EQ function
  • Full bandpass, crossover, and routing configurations
  • Auto gain control
  • Pink noise generator and fulltime RTA
  • Setup wizard with JBL speaker and Crown power amplifier tunings
  • Security lockout
  • Wall panel control inputs for permanent installations

The DriveRack 260 delivers optimal, all-inclusive signal processing in a completely scalable system. Call or click to order now!

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