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Dec Auto Changeover Device

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DEC/ATS201 is a 60A automatic changeover with the capacity to time your generator 

tHIS automatic changeovers detect the presence of Public power 
supply (PHCN), changes over from generator to the available public 
power supply and also shuts down the generator immediately without 
allowing your appliances to lose power. All of our devices also allows 
the user to willingly manually switch off their generator from the 
comfort of their room.

tHIS device models allow users to start their generators from the 
comfort of their room.

users who live on the top floors of buildings usually find this useful 
as they don't have to come down stairs to the ground floor to start or 
stop their generators all the time.

This device models allow users to time their generator for desired 
hours of operation.

Inverter users enjoy this timing functionality very much as they can 
time their generator to work for only few hours during the night while 
their inverter takes over from there.

many people also find it useful to put their clothes in a washing 
machine, start their generator, time the generator for the length of 
time required for washing the clothes and leave for work.


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