Defining Persona: 6 Virtues that Transform Societies

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It’s easy to blame social problems on factors such as the environment, culture, natural resources, and political systems. But author George Alily argues that people’s attitudes can make all the difference—individuals have the power to redirect their collective destinies, reshape their societies, and overcome the challenges imposed by other factors.

Defining Persona: 6 Virtues That Transform Societies identifies a set of qualities that will enable individuals who adopt them to contribute to meaningful, sustainable development. In detailed discussions of the virtues of honor, integrity, courage, responsibility, justice, and belief systems, Alily makes the compelling argument that, by developing and implementing these characteristics, you can make an impact in framing the way your society functions. And by examining the inspiring stories of influential people throughout the world who illustrate each of the six virtues, Alily challenges stereotypes and provides solid proof that individuals can make a difference in society—with the right mind-set.

Aimed at students, young working professionals and aspiring change agents, especially from the developing world, Defining Persona will empower anyone seeking to become part of the solution—one persona at a time.

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