Digital Thermometer and Hygrometer

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Thermo hygrometers are useful for measurement of humidity. Humidity is a representation of the concentration of water vapour in the air where the value is shown as a percent. Thermo hygrometers have sensors which measure humidity of the air and temperature of the air. Both values will be shown as a digital representation and converted into the desired unit. The result will then be shown via display. Thermo hygrometers are versatile in that they can take measurements, store them to memory and transfer data to computer for further detailed analysis. Most of our instruments are contactless working which enables non-destructive measurements. Without this option you would not be able to analyze your data over such a long period of time.

Thermo hygrometers are very useful in evaluating damage in a warehouse, cold rooms and Datacentres. These need to be at an exact temperature, with a specific level of humidity. A difference in temperature and / or humidity would mean that the device/stored products get damaged or even destroyed. Such ware housing facilities are for example those ones that offer pharmaceutical drugs, flowers and food. A change in temperature can affect the stored drug, Foul food would mean additional payment for a reseller of groceries and dried flower mean that the seller of those ones will be unable to sell them. With the high accuracy of our products such businessmen will easily be able to determine the surroundings of such goods and control parameters like temperature and humidity in a better way.

Using  Thermo-Hygrometer devices you can measure relative humidity, determine the source of damp and moisture problems and indicate whether moisture reduction and control strategies are effective. Hygrometers are used to measure moisture vapour within the air, also known as the humidity level, this is measured on a scale of 0 to 100% relative humidity with 100% being saturated air. The digital Thermo-Hygrometers that can show minimum, maximum and current values of humidity. Dew Point is another value the  device show, it is a measure of the point when the water vapor in the air condenses so much that it is condensed into liquid water this is the saturation point for the air at that specific temperature.

Therefore, Thermo-hygrometer can also be applied in private households. In househoulds, the temperature and humidity or moisture content is also important. Pleasant air temperature and air humidity is only one example. The optimal environmental conditions for human-beings are around 20 °C and 50-65 % air humidity. In addition to that, mould growth starts at 70% air humidity. It is very difficult to control the environmental conditions in a living or bathroom as well as in a cellar. With the help of thermo-hygrometer devices, these conditions can easily be displayed and moreover controlled. If the air humidity is too high, you can for example open a window. If it is too low, an air humidifier can be used. Thermo-Hygrometers can be used to measure moisture content in various materials including wood, concrete, plaster and bricks.

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