Doppelherz Aktiv Magnesium Calcium D3 (for Heart, muscle and bone)

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Doppelherz Magnesium+Calcium+D3 - is an Ideal combination for muscle, Nerve and bone health.

Recommended for athletic people, arthritis, mature adults and/or physically stressed people.

Calcium and magnesium act in tandem to support nerve, bone and muscle function. Vitamin D3 promotes calcium fixation into the bones. Strain, stress and unhealthy way of life may alter our body’s nutrient status. The combination of magnesium with calcium and vitamin D3 helps to cover the daily needs ideal for healthy muscles and bones.

  • One tablet per day.
  • With 200 mg magnesium for normal energy supply and nerve and muscle function.
  • 400 mg calcium important for bone maintenance and for the transfer of signal from nerves to muscles.
  • 5 µg vitamin D3 to help calcium fixation into the bones.
  • Nafdac Number - A4-6504
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