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Double Burner Green Stove and 3-Litre Biofuel Gel

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Wouldn't you rather cook the HEALTHY way? Go Green with a Kike Green Stove and its Safer, Cheaper and Non-smoke biofuel cooking gel. Kike Green Stove is a high-performing stove that is user-friendly and very safe. It is used exclusively with solid Biofuel gel and the stove is made of long-lasting stainless steel.

It easily replaces the regular kerosene stove known for being dependent on dirty fuels because it eliminates dangerous smoke and gases that have killed millions of people around the world. The gel component of the Stove is non-pressurized and holds the biogel in a special controlled jelly canister, so you don't need to be bothered about it spilling or being turned over. The burner flame is adjusted and extinguished by a simple regulator.

The Biofuel Gel is made from natural, organic and recycled products such as grass, waste paper, water hyacinin and sawdust. It is very ECONOMICAL because it lasts longer compared to Kerosene stoves. It is also SAFER to use compared to kerosene and gas stoves as it is non-explosive, non-toxic, does not flare up when used, and does not produce smoke which can be dangerous when inhaled. In addition, it gives you a very CLEAN cooking experience because it does not produce smoke that can dirty or blacken your pots and pans when cooking.

Choose Kike Green Stoves and Biofuel Gel today, and you'll be glad you did.

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