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Dukan Diet Organic Oat Bran - 17.6 oz

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Delicious and Natural

Delicious, 100% organic and natural, oat bran is a good source of fiber and tastes great mixed with yogurt or cottage cheese. Make savory pancakes, pizza crust, cookies and much more!

How does eating oat bran benefit you?

Oat bran, a cholesterol-free food, tastes great and makes a wonderful addition to many dishes and is recommended as part of a balanced diet. Once in the digestive tract, oat bran:

• Creates a feeling of fullness

• Aids digestion

• Helps with weight management

How does oat bran work?

Once consumed, oat bran enters your digestive tract where its soluble fiber absorbs water and forms a gel-like substance, which expands to up to 20 times its volume, creating a feeling of fullness. In the intestines, this gel traps calories which are then eliminated.

Get active!

A healthy diet that includes oat bran, when combined with regular exercise, can help with weight management.

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