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Elco Vision Spy Wall Clock

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The Spy Wall Clock Camera is a wall mounted racing analog clock with a built-in mini spy camera. It is an easy-to-use hidden camera that doesn't have any wires. You can use it as a camera to record happy family life freely and have a beautiful memory for future. It can be used to monitor your house security and can be used by parents who are looking for a nanny cam to monitor their babysitter or nanny.  It is simple, small and superb, beautiful and convenient. This wall clock hidden camera blends perfectly into any residential, school, warehouse or office environment.

  • Can benefit from the high resolution color video, which allows them to easily review what is going on in their home while they are away.
  • The camera is ready to use after charging for 4 hours. consequent charge can take up to 2-3 hours, it records video to a regular SD memory card and it can be played back on a user's computer.
  • Connect the provided USB cable to the monitor to see what has been recorded or you can take the SD card out of the unit, use the provided card reader, and view the video from a PC using windows media player.
  • It is a high-definition digital camera with motion detection and camera-equipped photo frame. It can shoot photos and high-definition screen.
  • This surveillance system is well hidden inside a functional clock with a built-in transmitter and remote control for switch to turn on and off.

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