Electrical Motorized 2 HP Treadmill with Massage Machine + Free Digital Count Skipping Rope

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This treadmill features a low noise/high power DC motor and a large range of programs. It's high power motor provides a superb top speed of 22kph and comes with a 1-20% powered incline which allows for a wide variety of workouts.

The running deck has an 8-point deck suspension with additional incline suspension structure. These combined make for a softer running stage. The treadmill also features a hydraulic folding system to allow for easy storage when not in use. the following programe is integrated in the treadmill

Computer Console:This easy to ready console features quick touch buttons and a large window displaying all of your workout information. There are an amazing 99 professionally designed preset programs available plus 3 user-defined programs, so you'll never have to do the same workout twice! There's also built-in speakers with an input socket to connect your MP3 player, so you can also workout whilst enjoying your favourite music. This fantastic treadmill also has a built-in BMI feature so you can monitor your progress towards your fitness goals. The large blue lit LCD display gives constant feedback showing:

Pulse Rate
Calories Used
Heart Rate Monitor:The heartrate is monitored using the hand pulse sensors integrated into the handlebars.

Programs: The computer has professionally designed preset programs plus user definable programs and a quick start option.

Motor: Low Noise Peak 2HP DC motor provides speeds up to 22kph.

Speed: 1 - 22 kph.

Running Deck: The deck size is 150 x 51 cm. The deck uses a 8 point deck cushioning system to prevent muscle and joint injury. Can be easily raised to allow for convenient storage.

Construction: Tubular/Plate Steel for strength and aluminium for lightness, with plastic cosmetics and control panel. Foam coated handles.



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