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Electromagnetic Adjustable Speed Electromotor Controller

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It is used for electromagnetic speed-adjustable motor speed control to realize torsion infinite speed variation.

JD1A-40 governor motor speed controller slip electromagnetic governor motor speed controller.
YCT series electromagnetic governor motor is a simple, reliable and economic exchange variable speed device .It consists of three-phase AC electric motor, electromagnetic slip clutch and the controller component .Usually in the JD or the CTK-type controller with the formation of a set of AC variable speed device .Constant torque load applied to situations .
1, wide speed range, speed, smooth adjustment .
2, with negative locked speedautomatic adjustment system for speed and high precision, speed change rate of not more than 2 .5% .
3, the control system is simple, reliable, manual, automatic control and remote control, suitable for a wide range of .
4, starting smooth, high starting torque .
5, the structure is simple, reliable, easy to maintain .
6, this series of motor speed control zone .

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