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Electronic Cigarette ECT eT 30P Kit 30W Box Hookah Pen Shisha Vaporizer

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Electronic Cigarette eT 30P 30W Box Mods E-Cigarettes Vaporizer Vape Mod Electronic
Hookah Starter Kit E Smoke X9033

eT 30P Feature:
1. Wattage:30w
2. Unique Micro USB charging interface
3. Bright color and small size--it is more fashionable and easy to hold it,match the bright color with white color,it is also unique.
4. Plastic Shell--itis more convenit to carry it,feeling smooth and looking nice.
5. 510thread--could match most of the low resistance tank in the market(the range resistance is 0.3ohm-3.0ohm)
6. The designer of this box adopted the simple solutions,the whole box looks simple,delicate and refined.

Triple Protection:
1. Short Circuit Protection :if short circuit happens while the battery is working, the three-color LED light will flash 5 times and
voltage out off will be shut off.If short circuit happens preuse, the three color LED light will flash 5times with no voltage output.
2. Overheating Protection:If the temperature of inner-battery goes up to 80 degree centigrade, the 3 color LED light will flash
8 times and the battery goes automatically into protection mode.
3. Atomizer Protection:The correspondent power rate indicating light will be on when we press the power button to inhale,and
the light will flash 6 times and voltage output will be cut off when one puff time is over 10seconds.

Mini Fog Feature:
1. The tank is made of high borosilicate glass which is a kind of heat-resistant,high-intensity,high-rigidity,high-transmittance and high-
chemical-stability material with stable performance.
2. Transparent Glass Material---the volume of e-liquid could be saw easily.
3. The hardware part is made of chrome plated brass which is smooth,wear-resistant,color fast and rust-resistant.
4. Low resistance (0.3ohm & 1ohm)and huge vapor
5. Heat emission hole on the vapor tip help solve the throat-burning and mouth-burning trouble
6. Suitable for all 510 thread battery with 30 or 50 wattage

Package list:
1*eT 30P battery(2200mah)
1*Fog mini atomizer(2.5ml)
1*USB charger
1*After-sale service card
1*Certificate of conformity


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