Electronic Water Dispenser Pump - Battery Operated

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Either you are at Home or office or going for a picnic, water dispensers have become an indispensable part of lives. They provide safe drinking water. Now Konga is introducing easiest and hassle free method of pumping water through Electronic water dispenser, which can be carried easily any where any time and at any place. Now you do not need to tilt bottle when at picnic or at a remote location. This Electronic Water pump is portable and does not require any sort of plumbing. Electronic water dispenser is easily portable and their compact size makes it easy to store and carry. More importantly shoptime.pk has priced it so economically that every ones budget suits it. Even so simple to use that there is little or no installation process. The Maintenance of this Electronic water dispenser is simple and ease and does not require technical expertise to handle it. This Electronic water dispenser is ideal for using at home or office or at a picnic. It is the  first choice of health conscious people and healthy families.


  • Economical  “D” size battery will last for 8 to 10 months (based on 5 gallons per week usage)                                         
  • Able to discharge about 260 gallons when used continuously.
  • Soft Touch Button, Children, seniors and adults can easily use the pump.
  • Easily installed and used at home, restaurants, offices, hospitals, parties, etc.
  • Applicable in other liquids with low viscosity
  • Easy way to take out water from water cans!
  • No need to pickup heavy water cans, Just switch ON the pump and water will come out!                                          
  • Best solution for Homes, Offices and Outdoor Picnics and Parties.
  • Easy to use and maintain



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