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Emper Vivarea Promises Eau De Parfum for Women - 100ml

Product Code: 2802997
Brand: Emper
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Product Description

One of the best fragrances of fresh, hot food brand for women by Emirati "imperialism» (Emper) is produced. The Eau de Parfum 100 ml "Vyvarya Pramysz» (Vivarea Promises) is called. Vyvarya brand new series amps. Fragrances better to express this series, the series evolved and matured fragrances are ampere. Pramysz with the warm smell is very suitable for the cold season. Like other Fragrances perfume bottle imperialism is considered a strength. This bottle has an interesting plot and confusing.

If you stare long into the glass perfume, after a few moments you will find yourself in another place. This is due to regular points and circular glass that are moving towards the center of the circle. This design aesthetic expression of the desire for unity in human beings. These icons have been very cleverly put together. The mystery of the fragrance, the bottle design is not limited. Spray it must be sure to understand the maturity of AMP products. Upon the first spray pulse amp Vyvarya Pramysz the skin and the scent of roses and orange will be noticed. The combination of citrus and flowers, joy and positive energy will bring you gifts.

After a while, these notes will start to be replaced by middle notes. Middle notes of wood pine, raspberry, lily and cyclamen are formed. The natural notes, freshness into you create. After a long time, the final notes arrived and middle notes are replaced.

The notes of vanilla, amber and musk are made. Confidence and great joy that you get the smell of the notes, is stable for a long time. Buy perfume ampere Vyvarya Pramysz due to play a strong smell, beautiful bottle, well-known brand and reasonable price will be very interesting and not too high for you.

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